Light house

sorry for all the trouble i guess i just got ahead of my self.





great job =D

I never thought I’d see Ben Andrews on the forums here working with Blender! You simply must tell me how you made that painted effect using nodes. I especially loved the original size rendering you posted several weeks ago here:

You can see so much detail. It looks just like a digital drawing. :smiley:

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I think you fail to understand what I’m getting at. Unless you’re Ben Andrews of Deviantart, who posted that exact piece on his profile I linked in the post I just made a few months ago, this isn’t your work and that was certainly not done in any 3D program. That’s a concept piece for a Half Life 2 mod that was painted digitally.

if its a 3dsmax model, please show the image you put into blender. what was the original render done in?
ben andrews - just looked at the profile - is a painter, so this could be a comp image test? what is going on with this image? every artist hates people stealing their work and passing it off as the thief. is this whats happened?

Hello I am Ben Andrews and this is MY painting i completed several months ago for a half life 2 mod called Dear Esther. It was painted in Photoshop CS3. You can actually see my signiture in the bottom right corner. Thanks to Tybee of Deviantart for letting me know about this.

Ben Andrews

WELL i got caught, i am really sorry i just thought i could get away with something but i guess not i will never do you it again.



people who steal others work and claim it as their own should be banned from the respective forum, people put alot of hard work into their creations and for what? for someone to just come along and take it as their own? was it a case of attention seeking or jelousy? either way you cannot progress by claiming something as your own, i know its a bit harsh but what you did is unforgivable and i wouldnt be suprised if people didnt give your future work much credit, seeing as they wont know if its yours or not.

Well done sergeant, you were very quick off the mark.

chand17: That was truly pathetic mate.

I think this is grounds for some disciplinary action. Moderators?

btw he is just 13 i think?..


so what! plagiarism is a concept I would expect a 13 year old to understand. This forum is filled with 13 and 14 year old who put in the effort to create their own works

i don’t quite see the point of disciplinary action or banning.
All it would do, is make him create another account.
And by that he would have a clean sleave and xould just do it again.

At least, he takes the blame - though another personal excuse to ben andrews would be very much appropriate.

It’s sad, that by that action, he actually destroyed any value of his former projects, because now, they all “might be stolen”.
I hope, he won’t do it again - ever, but i think he should get the chance to redeem himself (over time). He’ll definitly have a hard time, though, because - as has been mentioned - all his works will be judged twice.

Anyway, i hope he keeps his account besides it flaw and shapes it up, by showing some real work and effort - cause - if his other works are his own - i think he’s got some talent he could work on.

what a douchebag. That was low man!

Thread lockdown in 3…2…1…

There’s nothing funny about stealing other people’s work, how about actually learning Blender instead of trying to create a fake reputation as a pro that will implode around you.

I’m sorry but that is sad,I would never do that, u just make all of us teens on here look like stupid thieves.

on a positive note: your other work is good

Thats sad. I was excited for a minute. I thought to myself BANNER and then DESKTOP BACKGROUND.

dont’ copy. It’s the internet. There’s tools that image search based on the content in the image. It’s just stupid.

Putting it here is bad, but making it your BWC entry is outrageous!

its no my bwc