Light in a closed room

Hi guys, I’m making an underground garage and it has no openings so all the light should come from inside the garage.

I tried to do this by putting lamps all over the place but there are a lot of fireflies when I render.

For now I’m using ambient occlusion but my textures look flat now. No bumps. I left one side open.

I also tried to make one side open and add a external light. I used sun and it worked pretty well but the wall where I should film is completely white because sun is hitting it directly. The problem is I can’t switch to another wall because I’m making an animation and the other 3 walls will be used as well

Can you tell me how you would solve this?

Put in an invisible area lamp on the roof, or 2/3. Use point/mesh globes for visual appearences, but have a softer overall light from the area lamp.

And don’t put your lamps inside of glass enclosings - unless you know how to tweak the “glass” material properly.