Light in a glass enclosure

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I am trying to make a model with a glass enclosure over a red light, something like you might see on the a robot or on a police car. The end result will be to make the red light shine on and off, but I am having trouble getting the light to shine through the enclosure.

I have a mesh that is glass (materials set for the enclosure to appear like glass) and then have put a hemi light inside the glass and made it a red light. For some reason, when I render the scene the light seems to be trapped inside the glass enclosure.

How can I make the light shine through the glass enclosure mesh and also have a normal light glow to it?


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Here’s a .blend I just made with a glass cube with light shining through it.

Hope this is what you were wanting.:smiley:


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Thanks for the example. Kind of what I was looking for, but I am trying to achieve more of a glowing light that fills up the glass and radiates out. Kind of like a dome light on a wall by an emergency exit door or fire alarm. Appreciate the help though.


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I did this same thing for my coffee maker.

Just create a mesh just like a real light inside of a real glass container. I used red glass for mine, with a chrome backing that had a pattern bumpmap. I put a Blender Lamp in it, and it looks like a real light. Shine an external red spotlight on it to give it an extra glow.

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Thanks for the reply and info. Not being an expert by an means yet, do you have a quick example that I can see exactly what you mean by using the chrome backing and bum map?



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How’s this?
“light parts”

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Cool picture. I thought I almost had it, but the glass doesn’t look anything like yours. I can make it clear glass pretty easy, but when I make it red it doesn’t look the same as yours. I tried adjusting the Alpha, but still not there. Also, originally had the light inside set as a Lamp and it was causing red light to show all over the objects underneath the light vice flooding out from the light. So, I changed it to an Area light, but now it seems to be ‘trapped’ inisde the glass enclosure material and causing a white hot appearance on the inside of the glass enclosure.

Any ideas? Is it possible to find out what material settings/lamp settings you used?



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PM me your e-mail address, so that I can send you the Blend File.