Light in a lamp?

Hey all, I’ve been into blender for a little over a month, and right now I’m having major problems with lighting. I want to produce light coming from a lamp, but I have no idea how. I’ve tried positioning all the different kinds of lights inside my mesh lamp, but there’s no actual light point, thye just help the light for the scene… anybody know how to produce actually “light” for rendering as opposed to just lighting for the scene?


Use a spotlight with the “Halo” option selected.

I did that, but I want the light to fill up the lamp, and to do that with the spot/halo, you have to majorly widen it, and it’s far to bright and widespread. Plus, I don’t want directional light, I just want a light bulb type effect.

Oh, duh, I figured it out, I just turned the distance down and it works great. Thanks.

I have a similar problem but with a different object. Basically I have a spotlight in a sphere. I deleted some of the faces from the bottom half of the sphere so it looks like a pasta strainer. The spotlight faces down. when I render it, it only casts the light with “strainer pattern” but the light does not shine through the object.
I also tried activating the Halo button but that makes the light behave as if there was no object to interact with. The Halo button doesn’t make it look as if the light is coming through the holes in the mesh.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

well, you should turn on ‘trashad’ ( in materials ) for any object affected by the filtered light, and for the object that you want light shining through ( like a membrane, or lampshade? ) turn on translucency, and play with the values.

hmm… I guess actually what I was going for was for the spotlight to pass through the holes in the mesh and come out as little, individual beams of light. I suppose there needs to be a way for the halo to be affected by the objects mesh.