Light in Cycles

Hello. I’m trying to make headlights looking realistic in my model however it looks like somehow I can’t manage to make light go trought the bulbs. If I add a lamp nothing happens (why can’t I see any light from lamps?) if I add a plane to the mid bulb and set as emission you can see some light inside the bulb and its reflections because the bulb texture is pure ‘glass BSDF’ but nothing goes outside. If I set the bulb material to emission I lose that glossy glass efect which I would like to have. Check the attachment. Thank you.

With the setup you have - you are effectively trying to light your scene with caustics. Cycles is very bad at that.

Have you tried upping the number of transparent bounces on the render panel. Setting the integration to “full global illumination” might help - don’t expect miracles though.

Thank you for your quick reply, so basically it’s impossible using cycles to get the effect from the headlights? I might be asking something stupid, but if the answer is yes, can we mix blender render with cycles so I can get the effect I want?

It’s not impossible, but trying to let cycles do all the work will take forever. You can fake the result, either using emission shaders to fake reflections and play with ray types.

And yes, it’s also possible to use different render engines and mix everything in composition.