Light in viewport and in render are not the same

Hello, I’m sorry to ask you this stupid question but I’m stuck on this problem for several hours. I have a difference of light between my viewport and my render I don’t understand where it comes from, there is nothing that obstructs the field of vision

I’ve tried to put as many pictures as possible of my settings, render… to help you

Thanks to the people who will answer !

did you mess with the composite node?

just to be sure… do you have ‘scene lights’ on or off in your viewport (material/rendered mode)

No i’m not

I’m not sure where to go to see this sorry

if someone want I can give you directly the files

ahh, yes sure they are on
but the probleme is not in my viewport it’s when i render I have almost a black rendering while my viewport has the right light

One of your particle system has extra trees not visible in viewport

Oh ok, I didn’t understand that there were too many trees I’ll try to see where it comes from thanks a lot!