light inside glass

I’m trying to get a glass block to light up in Blender Internal, but I’m having some trouble. When I apply the glass material to suzanne and stick an energy=5 light inside her it looks ok, but when I use the same method on my actual project it looks horrible. I have no idea what to do, I hope you guys can help me with this.

PS Please don’t freak out when you look at suzanne…:stuck_out_tongue:


Does the object the light looks bad in have a solid volume?

As in there’s no interior faces or unwelded edges and the normals point outward?

I think if the transmissivity is the problem it’s because it needs an object with a solid volume.

Nope, it’s a solid mesh. No non-manifold edges at all.

You don’t have another light in the scene do you? I believe you can use a lamp inside the object with the sphere setting turned on and translucency turned all the way up. Or the lamp could have the rayshadows button enabled.

Thanks guys!:slight_smile: I turned the translucency of the glass up to 1, made the lights spherical, then made the distance a little larger than the glass, and clicked the ‘no specular’ button for the lights.


Ahh, this is from your stargate project. I can’t wait to see the finsihed project!