light + ipo? solved

i am making an animation with a car blinking it’s head lights.
i have found this

but when i insert a frame nothing happens.
could anyone tell me how to use it please?

Select the Lamp you want to set the IPO for, Make sure you have the shading (F5) panel open, Place your mouse over the Energy slider and press I. Now, you can insert a Key frame for Energy. Advance a few frames lower or raise the energy and press I again.

Or, in the IPO window, click on Energ on the top right and then use Ctrl+LMB click to set your IPO points.

thanks DichotomyMatt it really works


does any one know how to close a thread

Only Mods and Admins can close a thread. Just let it be, and it will eventually drift off the first page. If you want to be polite to other users, you can change the Title to include the word Solved.

thanks i will.