Light isn't bouncing properly

I’m trying to make a house and light isn’t illuminating the interior properly. Initially I thought it was glass windows getting in the way but I did a test render without the windows and it was still very dark inside.

I put an internal light source in to test and the light is interacting weirdly with corners.

I’m guessing I’ve messed up my normals somehow but I tried ‘recalculate normals’ to no avail. Anyone have advice?

First time asking a question. Apologies for all the important information I’ve doubtless left out.

Can you upload the file? Would be helpful in figuring out the problem. :+1:

Here’s a link (it’s too big to upload directly)

It looks to me like you are using Eevee. Eevee does not offer ray-traced global illumination like Cycles. That means that by default the renderer only illuminates using direct light (it is more technical than that - see the manual page about Eevee Indirect Lighting for more info:

You can help the renderer approximate global illumination using an irradiance volume. That will tell the renderer that you want light from the direct light contribution (your sun light in this scene) to bounce onto surfaces that aren’t being directly illuminated by your sun light. Read about irradiance volumes here:

CG Cookie has a video tutorial that shows how to set them up in 2.8X+ here:

It is using Cycles and direct vs indirect lighting is why I put a light source in the lower room. That should definitely be illuminating some of those jet black walls.

Global illumination might resolve the issue but it doesn’t explain what’s gone wrong.

My bad. I’ll see if I can take a look at the file!

Hey, @Levito! I tried to look at the file, but I got a 404 Page Not Found error. Did you make any progress with your file? Could you upload it somewhere else?

I have not figured it out.

Thanks for getting back to me! I was able to pull up your file and take a look. So, the issue you are having is that you have the factor output of a Noise Texture node going straight into the Normal input of your Principled BSDF shader. You’ll need something like the Bump Vector node to translate that Noise Texture into a vector output type. I took a screen recording showing you what I mean. Your environment map wasn’t packed into the file, so I added one of my own. Take a look:

Ah ha. That should have been really obvious. Thank you for your help

It was my pleasure! I’m glad I could help you find a solution!