Light layer experiments

Hi friends.

Here are there results of my “light layer” experiments in Blender. I’ve rendered seperate light layers of the same scene and compsed them together in Blenders compositor.

In this way I can control the complete scene lighting without rerender the project. So I’ve only to render every image once and can do the light controls later without loosing image quality.

I’ve stumbled upon this technique, also called “lightgroups”, in other renderers like e-cycles. I know my solution is by far not the same, but safes a lot of time, too.

I’ve prepared this for an upcoming tutorial that will be released soon on my youtube channel for free.

I’ve modeled the room and some assets in Blender. The wall photo is captured by me, too. The furniture and some other assets are free stuff from

Here are my results:

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And here the free tutorial video on YouTube: