Light leakage and glow in the dark texture edges problem

On my newest image i’m having a few problems with lighting.

First off it’s indoors and right now i’m testing it with just one light through a window, but some of the light seems to be as if it’s leaking through where the wall meets the floor though it’s fastened tight together. Plus i’m using a tile texture and some edges are glowing for no reason what-so-ever and yet I don’t have it affecting the emit value.
So basically the window isn’t the only way light’s getting in like it’s supposed to.
Please help or I may have to redo the whole thing :frowning:

BTW: I don’t have glow in the dark texture edges problems when I have the tile texture turned off. And I don’t know wether the floor-wall leakage is part of the second problem or one all it’s own.

Can you post an image? It could make it alot easier to diagnose.

Okay, so the glow in the dark texture edges caused what looked like it was leaking through at the bottom of the wall, and what really annoys me is that even when I appended it to a new scene and used a simple lamp outside with raytracing on it does it

here’s what it does (appended in a new scene)

Note that emit wasn’t on and yet they glow

just found out that it really is light leakage at the floor where it meets the wall. Found that out when it was still occuring when I tested it by rendering at 25% with the wall’s shader deleted. :frowning:

I have to apologize because I can’t see anything wrong with your image. Try to simplify the problem with a new scene that has a similar layout. In your image I see no “leaking”.

Nevermind I solved it, just had to tweak settings for a single stupid spotlamp.