Light Linking and Light Groups

Hey guys, was wondering is there anyway to light link in blender similar to in maya (select object, select light then select light-link or break-light-link). Nice and fast. I heard of light groups and materials. Is that similar?
Basically i need to be able to quickly stop certain objects from being lit/shadowds by certain lights? Or vice-versa

Cheers =)

Put objects and lights on same scene layer. Set render layer to render only that particular layer via the buttons under the heading “Layer:” in the render properties pannel.

Alternately you can assign the light or lights to a group via Ctrl+G tehn assign the render layer containing the object(s) on the render layer (across one or multiple scene layers) to render lighted by that group only via the field labled “Light:” which is also located on the render properties pannel just below the render layer set-up buttons.

Lights can also be set to render only objects on the layer/layers that they reside on via the “This layer only” check box on the lights properties pannel.

All of these different options have their place and time to be used but are not necessarilly interchangible as you begin to exploire more advanced compositing techniques.

These options are a bit faster than using exclusive light groups on a per materiasl basis because you have to enable that option for every material assigned to that object, on that layer, blah, blah, blah…

You can also just link the datablock of a lamp to multiple lamp objects. This way when you change the parameter of one lamp it will affect all the other lamps that share that datablock. All other options that RamboBaby mentions would still apply to these linked datablock lamps as well.