Light maps in Cycles Render

Hi guys,

I’m kind of new to Blender. I’ve created a static mesh that I want to use in UDK. I’m working on cycles render in blender and I’m done with the modeling and uv unwrapping of textures. I just came to know that the meshes need a second uv channel containing the light map information. I’ve checked a few tuts, but all of them seem to be in the Blender render mode. I tried to do the same in cycles render, but a lot of the options are not there in cycles. Could someone tell me how i can get the lightmaps made in cycles?

Cycles has no baking abilities and likely will not have any for the foreseeable future.

Thanks, I figured out how to make light maps in cycles render itself. I didn’t need to bake it, just created a separate UV channel and unwrapped the light map in it