Light Mech

Well, heres my mech so far…I still have to make the guns on the sides…as you can see their are none on the little arms there. I am still working on designs for it, because I dont want the usuall auto cannon there. I am also working on the missiles, but thats not too neccessary. Sorry the pictures so big, I rendered it and it was set on the huge setting, so what the heck.

Any crits are very much welcomed. Also any ideas would be great…mostly I need some ideas on how to make the actuall fuselage (or whatever you might call the thing the pit sits on) look better. I was trying to add some wires or pipes but I think they are to basic. So any idea for that would be great. Hopefully I can get a pic with the guns up soon.


your modeling is amazing.
i’ll be following this one for sure.

I think you should make the “feet” larger. Or it would easier fall when it has such a big “body”, especially when walking fast, or in bumpy terrain.

Nice modelling though!! :smiley:

Thanks guys, I will work on the feet today. I can see what you mean, this mech would tip over pretty easy.

Once I fix that I will post a pic of it but for now heres a different angle. Hopefully the next pic will be with larger feet and with some sort of guns on the sides. :slight_smile:

Also if you noticed anything about the feet and that they look wierd, its because of the camera positioning…lol

Well here is the pic I said I would get up…its got the larger feet, and suprisingly the guns on the side.

The guns on the side are probably going to get more work dont on them but this is the basic idea. I wanted them to be like the laser type guns…if you ever played mech assault the lasers or charge up guns. I jsut wanted some sort of energy gun. So the energey would charge up in the little housing go to the curcular thing and then be contained by the arms until it is shot. Thats just my idea for it and this is it. I really didnt want an auto cannon because it seems that it is very popular on mechs and I didnt want it to be…the normal mech.

You may not be able to see it that much but the feet are enlarged…actually alot more than they were originally.

Nice model! I too am working on a mech, but am not as far along as you.

Yours seems to be more fantasy, whereas mine will be more constrained to conventional realism. I am making a base model that could be used for the construction industry and then adapt it to a military version…unfortunately so far on my post I only have the feet, but as of this writing I am working on the legs and will post new pics soon.

One problem I have versus yours is I have all the hydraulics exposed and it will be animated, so I spend a lot of time getting all the range of motion right and making sure the pivots and constraints are all going to work.

One more applause for you though.

Thanks ben…I went to your post but for some reason I cant see your picture. Try posting the actuall album and I will just go to that, because I want to see it.

Well mine was led mostly for fantasy…I just saw some mech WIPs and wanted to practice by making one. I am working on making some hydraulics for him…but I doubt that they will be as precise as yours. Also do you know how to rig your mech?..just wondering because I found a pretty nice tutorial about rigging mechanics and hydraulics and stuff.

Now I am working on making some textures along with adding some more detail to it. I am think a camo typefor some parts. I have a navy type camo but I dont know if I like it. i will render it and post it soon.

Ok heres a pic of just some very BASIC textures…I just applied this so you guys could see the color…I am going to give it some wear later, but this is the general color. I want the mech to be more of a desert fighter. Alot of the parts arnt textured now but they will be, they will be a different rusty type color.

I have a metal texture under the desert color…so what I will do is just remove some color and reveal the metal. I think that should give it some wear look to it.

But if you have a better color or something I really would like to hear it.

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Thanks ben…I went to your post but for some reason I cant see your picture. Try posting the actuall album and I will just go to that, because I want to see it.


I clicked the link at I can see the pics, so I am not sure why you cannot see them. I would like to share some ideas on mechs just for fun. I am not a gamer, but I think mechs are really cool ideas. I was motivated by a guy who is building his own real mech in his backyard, and decided to at least design one on the computer. Here is a link to the guy:

I am not sure what you mean by posting the album?? I link the pics to an image hosting site, and they show up when I look at them in the forum.

About rigging, I cannot give you much help. I went through two tuts; one on rigging and one on constraints. The one on rigging went smooth, but I dont know if I can apply bones to a mechanical device. I tried to put a bone into a device that had a compound angle and it was extremely hard to manipulate the rotation how I wanted. I then just used ‘empties’, which seemed to be easier. Bones are probably good when the vertices will move and deform, but really isn’t necessary for a mechanical thing that doesn’t deform (get my drift?) So, for now, I will probably just parent everything to empties and animated those.

The constraint tut I did was a little quircky. I followed it to the tee and had bad results. It did what it said, and eventually got it to work, but ended up not understanding the constraint relationships that I need to know to reproduce it. Will work on this some more when I get to that.

That mech is pretty cool!!

About the rigging though you can use the armatures and once you know how to do it it will be very easy. You have to make sure that your object centers are on the point that they will rotate. And about the parenting a part to a bone just do it like you would anything else…just select the two parts…the bone and the leg( arm whatever).
Then parent it. well I dont know if you read this tutorial but it helped me out so…

Its all about rigging mechanics.

Well good luck!!

Well, I’m not sure if any one is still following this post, but I finished more of the textures today and heres what I have. Pretty much anymore textures that I add will be writing.

The room its in is supposed to be the Mech Bay, for some reason I couldnt get shadows to fall on the floor. I had a couple of spots and turned up the buffer and did everything that I needed to do and–no shadows. With out the shadows the mech doesnt really look like hes on the floor…to me.

Also you cant really see it in these pictures but there is wear on the mech just not alot. I didnt really want huge wear because I wanted it to be fairly new…maybe only gone out for a test run, causing a little wear.

The added textures did a lot for your model. It looks a lot better than before. I will check into the rigging tut and get back on it. Have been kinda sick lately and not doing to much on the computer.