Light option

Hi my name is Leonardo and this is my first post here. I’m 3D Studio Max user, but now I started to use Blender.
I’m making a scene and start to use lights and I have the following problem is there in Blender’s lights any option to exclude some objects from the scene ? Beacuse I have 3 lights in the scene but I need that one of those lights iluminate one object
In Max you choose from the list of all objects in the scene which one will be included or excluded by the selected light, but I don’t know how Blender works.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Forgive me for my english :slight_smile:

You set different materials only to be lit by different groups of lights, or you can put the different objects on different layers with their individual lights and set the ‘layer light’ property on in the light settings box.

Thanks BlackBoe I’ll try it