Light passing through glass v2.0

Lights! Glass! TraShadow! Action!

I can’t seem to make the color of the light be affected by the object it’s passing through. Any ideas on what might be wrong?

Here’s the .blend
Here’s the

And here are some screens:
1 2 3 4

Use a Photon Lamp.


Yes, it is explained here:

That… more or less works. The photon light. It takes ages to render! :expressionless: (And I have a dual core :confused:)

Any optimisation tips?

(I’ll also try the other method suggested on the website)

I can’t get the other setting to work, I’m creating a scene to test some of the caustics settings to play around with.

Maybe this can help

Okay, I followed a quite in depth look at yafray/blender stuff. Check it out here: :: Alejandro Conty

I think it explains the lights and photons and all of that stuff. I’ll just have to accept that rendering color glass just takes a fsckload of time.

Thanks for your replies!