Light Path Node in Cycles Tutorial - Problem with Singular rays

Hi everyone,

watching by Bartek Skorupa (from min 27), I can’t reproduce the differentiation between sharp glossy and blurry glossy material.
According to the tutorial, the blurry reflection on the right plane should have a blue color while the sharp reflection on the left plane should be green. In my renders, both are blue (see file - sorry I could not attach any screenshot, I am getting “This is not a valid image file.” all the time).
LightPathNodeInCycles_Problem.blend (115 KB)

From my understanding Glossy are all reflection rays - be they blurry or sharp and Singular are only the rays from sharp reflections, right ?
Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong/misunderstanding ?

Unfortunately, current Cycles glossy model require manual set of “Sharp” instead of “Beckmann” BSDF mode. Maybe later it will get automatic replacement in case of Roughness = 0, but now you MUST set it at left floor plate. The reason it use different BSDF internally, that mark ray as “Singular”.

I see. Thank you very much, storm_st !