Light Poll (Complete with power lines and .blend)

Well i haven’t messed with blender in awhile, so I figured i’d try something simple. So why not a light poll? It’s not textured ( I don’t texture my objects) but I am willing to post the blend file. Here is the file:

Feel free to use as you please (give credit where it’s due), and remember, there is no lights except to light the object, you will have to add your own lamp in the light.

By request here’s the image of the model:

i have no idea what this is and im to lazy to download maybe a screen shot perhaps??

Sure, i’ll upload one in a sec starting blender
Done :smiley:

lol wow that was quick and thanks thats not a bad model , i might shove it in a scene sumwere , with credit given of cource lol.

thanks for the intrest, and ya, it was quick :smiley:

mind if i tinker with it a bit? lol

The model’s nice if that was the whole purpose. But you could try turning it into a complete work with texturing and a scene.

It’s spelled “pole”, not “poll”.

lolz, i notised that as well

zomg lol, I was just in a hurry to post it, I apollogize for my incorrect spelling. :cool:

As for tinkering with it or making it into a scene, that is completely up to whoever downloads it, I don’t do texturing :smiley: