Light power default setting? 10W seems silly

Is there a place to set the initial light power for when you create lights? 10W seems ridiculous.

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you can change it in the right panel for lamp object !

light power depends on scene size !

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“Initial light power”, iow, the default.

that is the default
so change it function of your scene

blender cannot guess what you intensity you need !

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open a blender file and keep it empty
or with some objects you need very often

then there is the option of saving a default file
so change your value of light intensity

then go to file menu at top left and at bottom default option
save as user default file

so each time you open up blender it will now use this file as default
instead of the manufacturer default

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It won’t work for new lights, right? Just the ones present in the start up scene?

I wish we could override default settings, I have had the same complaints so I added presets for lights in my add-on to work around it.

right just tested it it has lamp at other watts
but if you add a new one then it is still at 10 Watts

another way is to change your UI system default to another watts value

only problem is that if you change blender version you have to redo this modif manually

or as you said make an addon to add new light with whatever setting you need!

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IMO this qualifies as a “low hanging fruit” type feature request:

“Make initial light power user definable”. Seems not-unreasonable. Were I king of blender I’d also add an option in the F9 panel to set the power at light creation.

still does not tell you what watts value to use as default !

how do you calculate / set that ?

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I do agree that the default setting should be either a global user preference or at least scene/file preference (i.e. per project). And the field in the redo panel would certainly be welcome.

Until such settings become possible (if ever), you kind of can set up your own defaults: in a default file create a collection, drop a bunch of lights into it with various settings, name them so you could easily tell the settings you need from the name. Disable viewport visibility and renderability for the whole collection and save startup file. Now you have your very own personal default lights :slight_smile: You can then drag and drop them from the outliner into your scene, it’ll make a copy. That drag and drop, as I recently discovered, is rather horrible normally, but works OK when the collection’s viewport visibility is disabled.

Perhaps I’ll do that – I have enjoyed having default SCRATCHPAD and MAIN scenes in the startup file.

Seems like easy, low-hanging-fruit enhancements. F9 is underpowered IMO: eg it could have a SUBDIVIDE field in it too for cubes. Easy stuff.

Huh. That seems unintuitive.

Nah, it’s just a poorly implemented feature. Try it with collection not disabled, you’ll see what I mean. You can also call it from search menu (Add Named Object): it’ll drop the copy wherever your mouse pointer is, even though in that case it’d make more sense if it dropped it on the 3D cursor, or the world center or whatever.

Late reply to that thread, but instead of creating a library of lights in your default file, you can always use my add-on Photographer to save presets, you also get physically based light units. It’s 8 bucks, but it should solve all your problems.