Light probe basics

hi all,
I am completely new to blender (I hopped on with 2.8) and I’ve been struggling for the last half hour to find a tutorial or paper about light probes and I couldn’t find any.
I wouldn’t expect somebody to explain to me the whole philosophy behind them and how they work but could somebody please share some link for a tutorial/manual?
P.s. To make it more specific: I have this trial scene where I put a probe around the mirror cube but Suzanne is reflected clipped and the other cube’s reflections do not appear correct.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There isn’t much 2.8 learning material because it’s still in heavy development , but you can try this one :

Probes are mainly a cheat so you won’t get accurate reflections, but in many real case scenarios it will work ok. Mainly on more complex mesh.

Welcome to blender btw !


…anyone? :frowning:
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