Light problem, and multiplayer problem

Hello, so I’ve been having this problem allot, I have a space or a room where there is not supposed to be light but another light’s… light is bleeding into the area that is supposed to be dark.

Here is a image of my current situation: this is inside of a whole looking at the top of the hole, where there is a cube covering the top, there is a light above the whole but it should not effect inside of the hole because there is a cube over the top of the it, the cube should be blocking that light. Does anybody know why it’s not?

My second question is if anybody has been able to get the multiplayer addon working with blender 2.66 cause it wont for me and i’m stuck using blender 2.63


If you are using a sun or spot lamp for that light then just play around with ClipStart and ClipEnd values. For distant light its often useful to increase the ClipStart value.

I’m using a point light, I could do that but the problem is say if I had a second hole higher up or closer to the light?

  1. You could try placing the different objects (the ‘hole’ object you’re in, for example) in different layers and setting the lights to illuminate just the objects on their layers.

  2. I’m not sure about the multiplayer add-on, but have you tried just coding the multiplayer yourself?

@Sol thats a good idea, I will try that.

I am learning python but I am no where near the point of coding a multiplayer system. I understand its pretty difficult and complicated?

I’m not sure, as I haven’t started on it either, hah. It’s not impossible to do, though. I think Goran had a tutorial on it. If it seems too difficult, then maybe you could make a simpler example to start off. Create a connection between two computers running the same game, and then send and receive data (as little as possible) to sync them. Then, add a little GUI hook to allow you to state the IP address of the other computer, and you have a simple Internet-play “demo”. It’s not perfect, it can be improved on, but you’d at least understand the basics of how to implement such a system.

I just realized the problem with having the objects on another layer is, the objects aren’t static, so when I move the cube away from the whole, then I want the light to sign into the hole. If that makes sense?

I believe you can set objects to not be affected by light, but don’t quote me on that. YOu either 1) go to the object and say “dont let light X affect this” or vice versa and go into the light and say “ignore object x”. Could you cover the whole w/ a invisible plane that blocks light and just destroy object if you need it shine through? (or make invisisble?)

As for multilplayer, I JUST started to look into this. A good starting video (it has a HIGH learning curve but it still gets good pointers across) can be found here. I would recommend you just watch it first to get an understanding. START SMALL… you can also check out the python3 manual here

Again, start small. If you wanted a test, I would create this game that is all done on the server

@szupek: Ya I think your right but the problem is if the player pushes the cube away from the hole, then I want light to sign into the hole. the plane would be the same thing as the cube, and the cube isn’t blocking the light.

I would really like to use agoose’s addon but it only works in 2.63 and that is fine other then the light system is kinda wacky in 2.63 the controls for the shadows are all weird and what not.