light problem when rendering

Right now I’m having this light problem when I render:(. I used a program to rip it from an emulator.


The model is from PD.

Any help is appreciated!

link to attached blend dosent sems to work.
it says invalid link.
pls check it.

OMG! i double posted again. seems some problem with my browser.
anyways if default attachment feature dosent works u cud use

Ok, here’s the ZIP file with the model blend. Just when you extract it, keep all the files in the same folder or the textures won’t show up.
It includes a blend file, and an obj file if you want to have a look at the whole level.

where exactly is th lightning problem?:confused:
i cant see it!:no:

cud b possible that i might have fixed it when i was fixing texture paths. heres ur blend i have packed all textures:-

Silly me:)! I just realized I must’ve posted the fixed version! It was the specular option in the light setting that was causing the problem. But it’s just a shame you can’t use the specular option to cause a shine on the model.:frowning:
If you know how to cause a shine on the model without specular on, I’d be happy for you to tell me.
Also, did you use the ‘pack into blend file’ option?

yeah i used “pack to blend file” option.
depends on what kind of shine u need theres a basic a spec option in th material which will give u some uniform shine.
hope that helps