light problem

Hey, so i made a character for my game, but for some reasson the light on the Left hand gets somehow reverted to how it should be.

If i place the light source above the hand it, then the hand is dark above and liht below.

And if i place the lightsource under the hand, its light above the hand and dark under???

^ this one is in edit mode

^ this one is in game render mode

In this image the lightsource is above the character

recalculate the normals from the hands, maybe that sort it out?

Well, if you’d turn on backface culling for material of hand and run the game, you’d see it disappear. I think you must flip hand’s normals…

when duplicating and scaling on the x axis or whatever axis you used, turns the meshes normals inside out, the normals are the sides of the faces that recieve and reflect light. pressing ctrl n should recalculate the normals outside in edit mode, and ctrl shift n recalculates them inside for rooms and such.