Light Problem

I am using an HDRI and I want light to pass through my object,but it doesn’t.
Here is my node setup.

What happens if you adjust the mix factor for the transparent shader?

What is this material?

I tried but that doesn’t work too.

@eppo: Do you mean the image texture? It is actually a fabric cloth and I want the light to pass through it.

Then you likely need alpha in image which you would connect to the last mix node’s fac…

Or, if what you want is for it to not cast shadows, connect a Light Path node to the last mix’s fac.


The node setup works for me in a quick test
One thing I noticed was that you need to have a reasonable amount of detail to notice behind.

Hope this helps


@ovnuniarchos>Yes,Should I connect the ‘Is Shadow Ray’ into the fac? That doesn’t work though.

@eppo>That makes it completely transparent.

@Martin Norris>By detail,Do you mean behind the object? Or around it? Could you be more elaborate?

Thanks for all your suggestions!

Here is my HDRI node setup.

Is this what you want?

Yes,but I don’t get the same result.
I also figured out that something is wrong with my glass window material,that is why the light doesn’t pass through. Should I change something?

If diffuse and glossy is set to nothing - transparent, what is left for the Glass to do? Thickness of the glass and effect it might have on incoming rays is negligible. If this is inside the room you render some reflections might be all you want - that would be information Glossy provides if the glass is not fully covered by the material with alpha you started the thread.

I deleted the glass window and the reflections/shadows were visible and the light passed through,but with the window that didn’t happen.

So I deleted the ‘Light Path’ node and the ‘Add’ node. Now everything works!

Thanks for trying to help out.

The node setup for glass that works often really well for me is this one (thanks to Andrew Price)

And always be sure that the color of the glass shader is full white, otherwise you get tinted glass what might influence your render results in a not so nice way.