light properties/material actions question

Is is possible to create separate actions for individual properties of a light object or material properties and then have access to them through the action editor?

It seems like it is impossible to access these kind of actions in action editor.

The properties of Lamps, Materials, Nodes and world etc can be keyframed but they do not appear in the action editor. The actions are given names according to the object (the name can be changed in the Outliner : Ctrl+click on the name). Once the action is converted to an NLA strip, the actions can be edited in the Graph editor.
Hope that helps… :slight_smile:

When I keyframed the energy of a lamp, it showed up in the NLA window. Same thing when I keyframed the color of a material. You do have to click the RED/ORANGE snowflake icon to convert a keyframe animation into an action.

Once you have made one action, you can go back to the material and keyframe another parameter. This will start another channel in the NLA. Each time you click that snowflake icon (why is it a snowflake…?) you get another channel in the NLA that can have it’s own separate animation. This way you could make the diffuse color of a material loop 6 times then create another channel and make the emit pulse four times.