Light Quad (Custom Light Saber)

Here’s a project I just finished on creating my dream lightsaber. Enjoy, and feel free to criticize. The font is actually the font used in the Chronicles of Narnia movie series; I just thought it looked rather interesting.


The concept is quite neat!

The hilt needs more detailing and better lighting.

I have to say though, that is one of the best lightsaber blade materials I have ever seen :yes:. Did you do it with halos?

Thanks, Robo3Dguy! I’ve added some more lamps to it to brighten it up some; I’m quite aware of all of the reflective spots on it, but I kind of like it that way. I also added more detail to the hilt; and yes, I used halo materials for the blades. Actually, each blade is two separate subdivided lines; one is white, and the other is green.


It’d be tough to wield without injuring yourself.

  • Floyd

Hold the middle straight out in front of you.

@ FDameronUT, as rvngizswt said, you grip it in the center and fight with it by spinning it around rapidly, and occasionally slightly tilting it some. But not too much, or you’d cut yourself in half! :stuck_out_tongue: