Light reflection

How to properly configure light reflections?
.blend is here 80 kB

I have a sphere with two holes, trough one enters light (from Sun), and other is for camera.
I want inside of sphere to be lit (light reflection).

Tried several settings, and cant get it to work, using rev 28361 blender.

If you’re meaning real indirect lighting/GI, you’ll currently need a build of the render25 branch to do that.

However you can currently fake it with some low power area-lamps to fake bounding and AO.

Kind of a vague request. But you basically have it. Just point your light at the sphere.

I have “thickended” the sphere and put another material on the inside faces. This material has the emit value turned up. So you can use Indirect lighting from faces if you like as well.


25_holy_sphere.blend (123 KB)

Thank you very much,both of you :slight_smile:

I know it has been something easy for you, i tried several settings, but it didnt work for me with sun…
I am too tired now to see whats different, when i come from weekend, i will look more into …

Thanks again!