Light Reflections

Hello Everyone,
Could someone suggest some method(s) for getting the type of reflections of light sources as shown in the following image?

I would like to be able to get the same or at least very near the reflections of the lights on the side of the train. I have tried various settings for the train material (specularity, hardness, reflection, ray mirror) as well as different light types and emitters.

Thanks in advance!

What’s the problem, then?

That is a reflective surface, reflecting back all the light sources… it’s the same all over the universe cept black holes and other gravity wells strong enough to distort light… angle of incidence equals angle of reflection… Google for Snell’s Law if you want the gritty behind it. :smiley:

Make your material slightly reflective, say 0.15, and set 8 or 10 light sources and see how it looks to you if you eyeball the camera positioning considering angles, it takes a while to get perfect placement… use a 2.42 RC build, and the handy dandy preview window will help you nail your perfect reflections in no time.