Light Saber

ok this is a Light Saber i have made i wasnt sure if i was to put it in the Unifinished projects or finished so i just put it in here. i might make a scene with it hanging off the edge of that huge hole where luke gets his hand cut off im not quite sure. oh yes im sure that the lightsaber is actually silver but, i decided to make it black because it looked quite cool.

sorry about the loud text i asked someone to put it on there site. hehe, because geocities is quite anoying so.

very nice handle kinda hard to see, if you need a blade, here’s a tutorial i made:

it’s labeled colourbands but it applies to blades

thanks for that ill check it out see what it looks like

Very cool H-C!
I have also created a lightsaber hilt. :smiley:


both are very nice!!! 8)

noth look very nice, but are two short… a light sabre is a two handed weapon, much like a kendo stick, or broad sword… longer

yoda sabres!!! :wink:

My saber is “short” for a reason. It is a replica of Yoda’s light saber which fits his scale nicley.


here’s one i made

Your light saber looks great!
I love the detail!

Incidentally there’s one things that peeves me about light sabers.
As you probably know many Star Wars collectors are into reproducing
props from those movies. Some of the most popular items are the light sabers which can sell for hundreds of dollars depending on how authentic they are. To make authentic reproductions people look all over for the exact type of parts used by the prop crews to make the originals.

That’s cool except for one thing. I collect cameras. I have a c 1947 Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic reporter’s camera. A classic! To complete it I need a Heiland 3 cell flash unit from the same era. Problem is I can’t find any for a reasonable price. Why? because apparently Darth Vader’s original light saber was made from one of these. Now all these flash units are being bought up by Star Wars collectors to be cut up and turned into light sabers! Ugh!

Ok so maybe this does make the more valuable, and the light sabers made with these do look cool but just save one good one for me ok?