light saber

(Elsdon) #1

I’m making a light saber, mostly because I think I’m the last one here to do so.

Be aware of two things.

  1. As is my style, it is the K-mart version.
  2. Don’t ask about the reflection, I just recently figured how to made them regularly so I am reflectiong almost everything at this point. Some day soon I will calm down.

Also, I just became a forum regular, when do I become a forum analysand. :smiley:


(digitalSlav) #2

k-mart version?

(banana_sock) #3

maybe you should get a couple of reference pics to work from, it looks different from any one ive ever seen. Have you got OSA on? Because that picture looks really pixelated to me, maybe its just a bad quality image. The beam looks good, but too pixelated for some reason.

(Elsdon) #4

k-mart version?

That was a joke, humor, again much like that found at K-Mart.

I don’t know why it is so pixilated unless it is just enlarged too much, OSA is on at 16.

The sabre itself is standard issue of the Rue army from a small sprial galaxy near the far corner of the universe. Although impossible to say for certain, it is rumored that, while it is not the end of the universe, on a clear day you can actually see it from there. Its only real claim to fame is the first K-mart was built there.