light sabre movement?

(MrPatel) #1

Is there anyway to make only the blade have the mblur effect, so the handle doesnt get effected?

(theeth) #2

You’ll have to use a really really dirty trick to do that.

First, the blade has to use an IPO independant from the handle. Then, add a keyframe every frame for the handle IPO. Than, switch the interpolation mode (Tkey) to Constant.


(theeth) #3

oh, I forgot to say. Move the Handle IPO one frame down (to the left).


(MrPatel) #4

Previously i had my laser parented to the handle, and only added keyframes with the handle.

Now if i clear the parent and insert a LocRot for the laser and then the handle. Then go to the next frame and do the same. The laser gets screwed up and goes every which way until it reaches frame 3, where it looks fine.

(tordat) #5

I’d suggest a similar procedure as described in the matrix like effect topic.
Here is the result (I’ll delete this link in a few days again)
Procedure: (MBlur 5)
Scene rendered with Mblur (Basis)(blade child of handle)(could also be rendered witout handle)
Scene rendered without MBlur and black background(Sabre)
Scene rendered without MBlur and black background and all bright white materials (Mask).

In sequence editor: Sub Basis - Mask (Basis has an offset of 6 frames) and make meta (M)
Add Sabre to meta sequence.

(RipSting) #6

If it’s not too much trouble, I’d suggest rendering the blade separate from the rest of the objects. You could composite them in Blender’s sequencer afterwards. But remember to render the blade with RGBA in the display buttons! Your best bet would be the TGA format.

(theeth) #7

I made an example file to go with my explanation

It doesn’t need compositing of layers, though it could be a lot more tricky.