Light Scattering for Ati etc.

Hey guys,

Martinsh made this great shader a few months ago, but sadly on my computer it wouldn’t work because I have an Ati graphics card. So I played Alan Wake which uses a lot of lights with light scattering, and just for fun I created a light with many planes inside of the “cone” of the light so it looked like a volumetric light. Then I put a cube in the light and it threw a shadow with scattering because every plane behind the cube recieved shadow instead of the light. This reminded me of Martinsh’s shader so I tried to do the sun with his blend and it worked. Here are some Pictures


Youtube Video


-You can make different shapes like planes, cones or spheres of light

-You can vary the strength of the light and the amount of resources that the light uses (by using less planes, or turning down the resolution of the lights’ shadowmap)

-You can change the color of the light


-If you look to the side you’ll see the single planes (the strength of this error depends on alpha value and the amount of planes)

-On the side of the “effect” there are some colors which seem to be something like chromic aberration, but you’ll only see them if you are out of the cone/area in which the light is

-Doesn’t look quite as good as Martinshs shader

-There is always some kind of fog because the planes are lit

-No alpha scattering (leaves etc.)

You should check out the answers on Martinsh thread, there I posted the necesarry correction for the filters to work on Ati cards o.o

I know, but apparently it won’t run on my computer either…