Light Setup with Indigo

I am currently using Indigo v6 with the v6 exporter script. What I am having trouble with is lighting a sceen. I have a sun lamp and I have changed the setting in the exporter script to sun/sky but all the sceens that I have rendered seem entirely too dark. I have searched Indigos web site for help but came up empty. Can anyone help me with lighting a sceen that doesnt come out dark. Thx Mux

Can you show some images of what you actually get out of indigo? Maybe some screenshots of your setup too. There isn’t exactly much to use to help you, is there?

When asking a question, please try and include as much information as you can. Because I rarely wander over to this forum, send me a PM when you have the stuff posted here and I’ll try and help.

Here are a few tests that I was trying. The major problem is when I try to use color like for the object that has Ray Trans. Not only does the color not show up but it looks like the object is shadowed. Now im rendering a new sceen now where I tried to use white as the color of the glass and it seems to be coming out a little better.

Is the problem that the material is too dark? That’s going to be an absorption issue, most likely the absorption is way too high.

I’d suggest using 0.7t5, and the blendigo exporter (check the forum on This will help a lot, other than that export the materials as a separate file and hand edit them.

Glass in indigo is made with alpha 0 and ior 1.5 in blender, no raytransparency.
Well its one way. But no traytransparency anyways
edit> meshes with emit 1 make nice lights