Light/Shadow question


Is it possible to make a plain all white with no shadowing from the light source but still have it receive shadows from for example a sphere on top of it?

The only option i’ve found is the “shadeless” button but that also removes the shadow from the sphere.

I hope I’ve been clear enough.


Well you could try experimenting with more than one light source. For example, using a “sun” light source and maybe a “spot” light source? (Sorry, I can’t define for you any further).
What I’ve done in the past was I’ve played around with my light sources and the results have often come up quite well.

!!Try using more than one light source!!

You could try baking the shadow?

I’ll try adding some more lights. Thanks.

Baking the shadow?

Yes, you can. Set your world background color to white. Then set your plane material to “OnlyShadow”.

Worked great. Thanks!