Light shining through a window?

I’ve got two rooms, one is dark, one is lit, and there’s a door in between them. The door has a window on it.

How can I get the light from the lit room to shine through to the dark room? I’ve got my window set up but even if I shine a spot light directly at it, no light comes through at all.

My window’s material has ZTransp on, Translucency at 1, Spec = 2, Hardness = 511, and Ray Mirror is on at .25. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

This is not automatically achievable in blender, but you can use Yafray to render the image how you wish if you turn on photons.

Blender does not have reflected light yet. you can fake it by placing another light aiming into the second room from the first, or you can use Ambient Occlusion (which is just give a general light, not a directed one).

hope that helps.

Not sure he actually wants GI…if not, search for “TraShad” and pick any of the 100+ results :stuck_out_tongue: