Light shining through button?

Hey folks. I know this might be kind of an odd thing to model, but just for a bit of practice I’m trying to do a model of my microphone- this guy.

Everything’s going fairly well-

But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to closely mimic A) the transparency of and B) the light given off from the button. Any suggestions on where to start?

First I would start with simple transparency and luminance. In the materials panel look at the Shader/Mirror and Transparency as well as SSS tabs. If you don’t want to use ray tracing you can choose Z transparency. Both are controlled with the Alpha slider I believe. In the Shader tab you’ll find the Emit slider. That is your luminance or how much light is emitted. Do a search for SSS, that would be a factor as well if you are looking to be realistic.

Look over these areas in the manual for more details as well as do searches here.

Yo dude. It’s like making an eyeball with the clear cornea over the colored retina. Find a tutorial on eyeballs then you’ll be a pro at making LEDs too.