Light Slot

I am trying to create a light slot in a wall…basically, a continuous line that glows, but am having difficulty getting the effect right.

I’ve tried setting applying radiosity to a mesh object and raising emit values, but it’s still not working well. Is there an easier way to have an object emit light in a line?

Any help would be appreciated!


Use a Spot Lamp with Halo. Turn up HaloStep and set Clipping values.


What if I don’t have the distance to do this? For example, I’m trying to place a light behind a bench that’s a few inches off a wall. I want it to glow behind the bench. Is there another way?


Have you tried yafray? Their lamps have some sort of glow feature, but don’t forget to have some kind of polygon background. But I’m not sure if that’s what you’re after. a little demo of what I meant.


Yes, I’m using Yafray. Your suggestions have both helped, and it’s working OK, but just not a perfect line…there’s gradations in the light emission. I’m looking more for a linear glow, like a light saber or something.

I appreciate all your help. Thanks again!

I’m not really sure how far your progress on your image has become, but have you tried to put several of lamps in a row. I made an .blend file when I used dupliverts to show what I mean.

Hope that will help (: