Light source visible through glass

Hi, I put a light source behind transparent glass and this happened:

This is the window material

Additional information is that I’m using Cycles, Blender 2.81a and a point light. What am I doing wrong? I don’t want the light source to be visible, I just want a glow like usually, if there wouldn’t be any glass or reflections. In my material I first had a glossy shader instead of the glass shader for some reason, but then the glass wasn’t transparent and basically just a mirror. If somebody could tell me what I need to do I would be very grateful :blush:


You do not really need a glass material here. Use glass when you want refractions (caustics) as you are seeing here. Otherwise, especially for something far away, use fake glass:

Looking straight on:

At an angle (with a light on the camera side reflecting)

The scene (the plane has the fake glass material:


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Be very aware of normals when using fresnel to do any mixing. You might want to do a trick to ensure forward and backward facing normals produce the same IOR (back facing IOR should be 1/IOR)

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile: I think I’ll end up using that set up. I’ve been trying around a bit and it worked more or less.

Ok, thanks for the tipp :blush: