Light Spheres

I have been working on this for a couple of days now. I am trying to get better acquainted with cycles. Just looking for ways to improve this.

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I like it. The metal (Or plastic, sorry) material is very well done.

For the emissive portion, what I would consider would be finding some kind of texture to put on there. Maybe almost like circuit boards, and mask out only certain portions of the blue area to be emissive. as of now it just looks a bit washed out when there could be all sorts of neat details inside.

Here is an updated version with more texture. I am also downloading Blender 2.614 Cyclone with Storm’s Volumetric Rendering Patch to experiment with. The new texture was rendered in Blender Internal and then composited onto the cycles render.
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Wow, I liked more this last render
It looks like some kind of plasma-filled bombs
That mightn’t be the point, but looks pretty cool.

just one question: the halo coming from the “plasma” of the back, and foreground balls is a consequence of the DOF?

The halo is actually from the compositor mostly a little bit is from dof. Most of the scene is rendered with cycles. The plasma is rendered in blender internal then composited over the cycles render.

I’m experimenting with storms volumetric texture for cycles, so i can render everything in cycles.