Light Streak isn't Rotating as Parent?

Hey. I have another problem with Blender, but this time regarding with particles. I have a particle emitter parented to a simple mesh. When I move the mesh, particles will be emitted from it. When I translate the mesh to one point and another, I have no problem with anything. When I rotate it, however, my particles are still facing it’s same position globally. In other words, it won’t necessarily curve corresponding to it’s parent, it will just translate it. Thus, if I rotate the parent 45° degrees to the right, the particles will have a 45° difference from it. I’m pretty sure there are workarounds for this, but is there any solution for this problem? Namely, rotating the particle emitter?

I just tried it and it seems to work fine. Can you clarify your setup a little, or attach a blend file. Then we can make sure to talk about the same things.