Light streaks coming out of an object

Hi, I am looking for an easy way for light streaks to coming out of the top of a can. I tried an area lamp (placed inside the can) and it just created highlights around the edges. What I’m thinking of is almost like there is dust around it and so you can see the light, but at the same time it’s similar to a lens flare. I’d prefer not to composite in AE later, I want to do it Blender if possible.

In principle this image seems similar with the light, how you can kind of see the light rather than just the mark on the ground where it hits

Thanks for your help, Brendan

Make a bright emitting object at the center of where you want the streaks and do the rest with the compositor. That’s the way it’s done 99% of the time in CG productions.

You can put a spot lamp inside the can pointing upward, enable buffer shadows, and check the halo setting. That’s the only way to do volumetric lighting in Blender at the moment as far as I know. You can also enable “shadows only” which will render only the halo.

Thanks Atom, Mine did not work as well as yours, I’m assuming as there is a lot of different set up. Now to demonstrate my noobness, can you animate/keyframe the strength of a light?

Also the light in mine is coming out through parts of the object where I don’t want it to be and where it shouldn’t be as there is an object in the way??

Hmm what do you mean by do the rest with the compositor?