Light Streaks in Blender (AE Style)

Since the topic came up rather often during the last week, I created a tutorial on how to create light streaks in Blender:

Also learn how to use the motion trail addon for perfect control over your animation.

Excellent nice for you Tuts my friend :slight_smile:

godfreid nice tuts

but some of us dont have high speed internet connections … could you upload to youtube instead atleast we can fastforward or jump to different frames of your tuts but on vimeo we have to wait for the whole video to load … just a suggestion… keep up the great work buddy.

awesome tut!
always been wondering how to use that motion trail addon!

Thanks for the heads up, guys!

I do not upload my tutorials to YouTube because I would need to split them in parts of 15 minutes and YouTube has a much worse quality than vimeo.

What I’m planning instead is chapter marks that you can access directly from the blenderdiplom page - those allow seeking even when the video is not yet entirely loaded…

Could you, sorry this’ll be a bother, sort of just reiterate all thats stated in the video in some simple steps? I can’t access YouTube or Vimeo without a super slow proxy or VPN. You don’t have to do this if you don’t think I’m a trustworth member, or due to my post count.

nice tut but 30 min!!! try to keep them shorter

I guess shorter tuts are better - should I speak faster or rather kick out stuff? (or something completely different?)
How about dividing it into pieces more drastically? It was designed in a way that you get the acutal technique after 10 mins (so you could stop watching there), learn about motion trail in the next 10 mins and in the end there’s another 6mins of possible problems one might encounter (which of course is also optional).

Speak faster, paraphrase, cut out unimportant things(beginning), and work a little bit faster. But try not to go too fast, may be hard to follow.

first of all i really like your high quality tutorials. BTW i also know German so MORE for me. I mean you should do it more like a laundry list. Somehow thats sounds wrong.

rvngizswt: hmm I don’t think the pros will like it if I cut the overview since they often only grab the most important info from there without the need to watch the entire tut. It also fosters learning - you just remember more this way. I will try to improve the overview, tough. Maybe I can get all the important stuff accross in less than a minute.
Paraphrasing sounds like a good idea - speaking faster will probably take me a while…

larmannjan: seems like the language barrier hit again. I just look up ‘laundry list’ and it reads: “a lengthy, inclusive list of data, matters for consideration, etc., often one regarded as unorganized or showing a lack of necessary selectiveness”
Do you mean more like a step-by-step-guide without explanations?

yes thats it! but include the explanations but faster. your English is kind of ehmm…euuhhhhhm. slow but very good.

EDIT: by the way its good that you have the chapters under the video. (also pretty german)

Wow, what a great tutorial. I didn’t know the particles could do that now. I wanted particle fade over life for soooo long.
Could I suggest having 4 way view open while editing the addon script? You get ortho and camera view.

Usually I work with that setup, but for tuts I shrink Blender to 1280x720 and then I use the 1 way view so things don’t become too tiny…

Nice Tutorial… I personally really like Vimeo (but maybe that’s because I have a high speed connection). I think the Chapters help because you can sort of skip ahead to a specific point if that is what interests you. I would by far rather have a 30 minute tutorial - since I can always skip ahead – than a tutorial that goes by so fast I don’t understand everything that was covered.

In other words, I liked this just the way it is… Keep up the good work!

I agree w/MarkJoel60, no probs with the pacing or the personable way it’s presented. Good info!

I am happy to hear your tutorials will become smaller. I have not yet viewed one because they are so large. where I live we are limited . Thank you for your efforts.

hey Raub, I am still getting a spot at the start of the the path (where the object is emitting) but emitter render is turned off?

Also I get the occasional stray halo rendering around a change in direction, and how will I know the correct number of particles to use in emission? If I go to low the streak breaks up into dots and to high renders strays (particles/halos) from the particle generator.

how about a text follow up of your tutorials? still waiting to see for last one. :wink:

3pointEdit: Maybe you need to change the fade-texture to also fade-in at the front?
The correct number of particles for emission is tricky - just experiment with both the number and the settings for the halo material.

mohd.itqan: The text follow-up for the dissolve tutorial is the “smushed and smudged” one - I did not promise a 1:1 text version but a different version with enough information to also get the dissolve effect :slight_smile: