Light Study

Blender 2.8, Cycles. Blender was the only program used aside from some very minimal post production in Photoshop.

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i really like your lightning, how did you did it ? Sun lamp ? Hdri with portals ? Multiple flat lamps ?

Thanks! The lighting setup is basically this:

  • 3 area lights. More or less 3 point lighting. Area lights vary in size and strength. The largest is my “fill light” at the front of the scene. There is a transparent image of a tree branch silhouette between the window and the top right area light acting as a “gobo.” This is very subtle and breaks up the light. Arguably unnoticeable.

  • 1 sun lamp coming through the window. This is for some harder shadows. (Size is around 2" with the scene to scale.)

  • An emissive plane wrapping around the scene. This gives off little to no light and is mostly for the scenery outside the window.

  • An HDRI environment from HDRI haven. Strength of the environment light was dropped down to .1. This was a final touch as most of the lighting was done by hand.

Biggest help was having good reference photography to measure my image up against.

I found light portals to do very little good when it came down to it. Still, I would consider adding them in.