Light Switch

Working on a light switch for a project. The goal is photo real, hopefully.

Unless it’s going to be a 3way switch, the toggle should have on and off molded into it. Aslo, the “ears” on the ends should have just the hole then a grove across each ear so it can be snapped off. Also don’t forget those UL and brand stamps, but I quess those can be made from the texture, looks great so far though.

a Little more progress, did some basic texture work and made a couple of the suggested changes. Still have a long way to go. I left the top as is because that is how my reference image is. As always, love suggestions.

is it with cycles

looking nice

i did some of the these last year but not with such details !LOL


Thanks Ricky, yeah, it is cycles. It’s my first real adventure into texturing with cycles… its been interesting :slight_smile: I’m not perfectly happy with the brass or any of the metal textures for that matter… like I said, still have a long way to go.

Here’s the node layout

Thanks for the link. Those look great. I’ll definitely give it a shot. Also, thanks for the thoughts on the screws. I more or less dropped those in from the nut object addon. That will get fleshed out here soon too.

the engraving is part of the UV mapping i guess!

my zinc nodes is procedural only no mapping !

all the metal i did are procedural texture

so this would require other method for the engraving i guess
can you show the 2 pics for mapping

and what is the bright values on the bottom one ?

i’m trying to redo this set up


Here is the main image I’m using.

For the color I used the mulitply node to get the image to about 50% grey. I had to do that because otherwise when I adjust the contrast it all goes black or all goes white. If I can get the values of the image, which are all very close, to split down the middle I can control the differences between the highs and low values. The brightness adjusts the over all roughness. Then inverted for effect.

In the engraving bump, the contrast brightness does the same thing. Contrast controls the difference in values. Less contrast = less bump.

Hope that helps.

I didn’t include the engraving image because its just a 50% grey background with black text.

Ahh sorry, after re reading your post I realized you wanted the actual values.

Multiply: 1.541
Bright: 0.149, Contrast: 1

Bright: 0, Contrast: -0.389

when looking at engraving it loosk 3D
did you apply displacement to get it done ?

how di you do this map
in blender or GImp or other way ?

here i assume the zinc texture is the top image and bottom one is the greymap


i re open and old file with a displacement map for a leave
and it does not work anymore ?

dont know what happening here !

if you have a color pic of a leave you can sent it through let say diffuse node
but it does not appear in the output !
any idea why?

if i sent it in the fac of mix node then i can see it in output
but in black and white!
and ic an add color to it but that’s not the pic color!


The engraving is the bottom string of nodes and just goes to the displacement connector on the material.

The Metal texture was an image that I had in my texture library from a long time ago. I made it tileable in Photoshop with the offset filter and the stamp tool, and you are correct, the zinc material is the top string.

Have the rough box, though I’ll probably re do it since it’s not terribly accurate. Also, got the wires rigged. I think all the main stuff is done. It’s just down to some detail work now. Pretty happy with the results so far. As always comments and suggestions are appreciated.

the white screws are about 1 inch long

you should show some inside threads for the screw on the blue box holes
for a more realist look but agreed a bit difficult to do!

the copper wire on the side screw are supposed to twist in th same direction then the screwing !

but beginning to look super nice!

what are you going to do with this !
any special scene coming along after!

cycles is really good for blender


Thats looking pretty nice!

Eeek! Theres no earthing cable cover. It wouldnt meet current BSc safety standards. :wink:

Id expect to see some screw driver scraps around the heads of the screws. The box seems a little deep. (I know you mentioned it wasnt terribly accurate at the moment.
The wires seem a little odd to me. It looks like the bottom, bent parts, are made out of copper and the upper parts from steel…
(Its just the feel I get from the look. ?!)

Nice job. I particularly like the metal look.

@Ricky- Thanks! I fixed the wire locations. I’m planning on using it for motion tracking to show a little home improvement project I’m doing with my MakerBot. Once I get this in reasonable shape I’m going to try my hand at motion tracking… then to After Effects for some fun mograph business.

@iconjunky - I’m guessing the “earthing cable cover” is the white sleeve that holds the 3 wires together? I was planning on having one. Just haven’t made it there yet. If its something else, plz send me a link to an image for reference!

@Bshep - thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, Im from the UK. So Im not sure if its relevant for you?

Current regulations, over here, mean the earthing cable should be covered with a green and yellow coloured plastic sleeve… Ive pmd you a hideous looking link to a photo.

Alright, well here is where I’m at. I’ve finished camera tracking as best as I can. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get below 4.1 error on the camera track, but I was able to cheat here and there, and for the most part, it looks pretty good. The screws are missing and the switch is inset on purpose… this is how the actual switch is… planning on fixing it :wink:

Iconjunky - checked my switch, and there isn’t a ground sleeve, so I’ll leave it out for now.

looking nice

i would suggest to use a sw with a light
easier to find at night i guess!