Light test

Hey, folks!This my latest light study. I made a really simple scene with a simple composition where my main goal was the lighting itself and the mood it reflects, hope some of you can help me with C&C

I really love the second one!
In the first one the reflections are a bit distracting. :slight_smile:

I’d say it’s the other way 'round, the paper crane in the first one is distracting from the reflected light. Second one is perfect! :slight_smile:

Did you model the reflected buildings in the first image or is it a reflected image texture? With emission shader or how’d you do this?

ToxicTuba I well you right about the crane that it distracts the reflection focus but I wanted the same exact scene, and the reflection is just an emission shader with an image on it

I have to say I prefer the first one, because you don’t notice the paper crane at first, but only if you look deeper, it’s like in the city, you have to take your time and look closely to see something that you normally wouldn’t notice :wink: Well done!