Light Trace Effect (I did it!)

i just asked how to do this on the Compositing area, so uhhh…mods might wanna head over there and poof it into nowhere land :o

This is what i did–I simply took an item, gave it non-static particles with no motion and that’s it! you can change life and stuff if you want to make trace effect longer or shorter…maybe children? i dunno, but that’s what i did, and it works pretty well :smiley:

hope this helps someone :smiley:

cant see the pic <.<

ooh! forgot, heres a little vid a made. gotta upload, but it should be here. l bet it’d make an AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOME light saber. my favorite part is actually my name

uploading ATM–i’ll edit soon. i’m gunna be awake, cuz SNL season Finale is coming on :smiley:

okay here and so your mind is blown by the following 3 seconds.

Cool. Though not yet saber quaity.

Can you slow it down so we can see better how the actual effect advances to the end?

sure thing. here ya go.

A blend file would be more usefull, can you post it?

not a problem. here ya go. Sammaron.blend

that looks great, I like the glowey high tech look! Hopefully I can figure it out from the blend.

Postmodern_Boy: just look in Sammaron’s first post. I think he explains the basics quite well there.