light trails

How can I achieve the ‘light trail’ effect you get when you leave a camera by a road side with long exposure? I’ve tried using halo materials etc but they just don’t look right.


Welcome to the forums - This sound like a job for vector blur

If you haven’t already looked at compositing nodes, start here.

Best of Luck!

I tried a vector blur, the mesh (a set of sub divided planes with random verts deleted) is following a curve guide. I animated it from z=-2 to z=2 across 6 frames and took a shot in the middle, it just doesn’t look blured:confused:
am I missing something?


Have a look at this file - it is a sphere with an emitter material 11 frames, rendered at frame 6 to get the attached image.


you can also slow your framerate down and turn on Motion Blur…effectively what happens in reality.

The vector blur can only be set up to 2 frames, so, to get the effect you’ll have to speed up the animation a lot.

Or you can try to activate the dupli frames option in the object panel, a play with it and a blur node …

Another idea is to render everything out as a regular animation to an image sequence, then make a script to import the images, divide their values by as many frames in the animation, and add them all together.