Light transmitted in glass

Hi all!

I’m trying to get a neat light effect (inner light) on a glass object. The attached file contains a test for this. I want the bottom light source to give the glass edges some luminance. Later I want to add some frost effect on the glass and hopefully make it pick up the light as well.

But right now I’m having problem with a light artifact. Some sort of wavy light on the top of the glass. And don’t know why it’s there and how to make it appear more realistic and smooth. Some resolution settings somewhere maybe?

Is there a glass lighting tutorial somewhere that resembles the effect I’m looking for? Or is this just too complex to achieve?




light_test.blend (481 KB)

Thanks for the link.

If I understand correctly, you made the entire border illuminating? And kept the gears simply like grooves in the plastic?


Exactly: The grooves are just indents in the front plastic surface that catch the emission of the green light.
The outer rim of the object emits light to the “inside” and is plain glass towards the outside.

Take a look at this, its got volume:

light_test.blend (764 KB)

Thanks, but… “Volumes not supported on GPU”

Anyone know when this will be fixed?

It’s already fixed (except for smoke sims). Get a newer version of Blender.