Light up a cigarette effect... Need help

Hi, every one, I have a question. How to light up a cigarette and make it burn from up to down. What simulations or modeliers do I have to use for burning cigarette profesionally?

kind of a vague question tbh … with many different methods…

you will probably need a smoke simulation, (for the smoke) either maybe a lattice or maybe shape keys for the actual cigarette, (so it burns down… you need some way to make it burn realistically) you could also use the fire features of the smoke simulations for the flame which lights it…

the problem is , there would be so many different ways of “attacking” this kind of task, and of course, its different strokes for different folks… also… I have no idea what you are capable of, as a blenderhead

I would personally have an armature to control the burning… with 3 bones, one bone vert grouped to the filter
(the orange part of the cigarette) one bone for the length , and another bone to hold the “tip” of the cigarette, I would also use shapekeys to change the shape of the tip… this way you could scale the Y axis of the middle bone to “burn down” the cig, while at the same time using the shapekeys on the tip to make it look like its burning,

Also a “ash coloured” material for the tip , with animated emmisive values with an orange- red colour… as the charater takes a “toke” the emmisive value raises… like how a cig glows when you take a drag… that on top of a smoke sim should give a pleasing result.#

However as stated, there are a lot of ways to do this, depending on the detail you need , the power of your computer, the render times you desire and the overall “look”… if this cig is a key part of the animation (with lots of zoomed in shots) you could use a rigid body simulation (check out sergofs work, available on graphicall) with the built in constraints to hold together a “bundle” of ash “blocks” inside a tube … as the cig burns down the tube shrinks, at the same time constrains are released, droppping ash “blocks”

However if this cigarette is just a bit player (on a few shots, from long distance) you might get away with just meshing out a cig, making a partical sim with textured grey halos instead of a full blown smoke sim (which wont look good up close, but far away it might be passable)

different strokes for different folks (or different jobs)