Light wall

I’m two minded about this work what is wrong with it?

The white over-exposed area is hard to look at. Not comfortable.

What is the story it tries to tell, I am unsure what this symbolizes or what it is trying to tell.

I am also not found of this strong aberration effect but someone might like it.

I agree with Jerryno, also, there appears to be high levels of aliasing on the trees.

The rays of light across the figure break the high contrast and make the scene feel incomplete. You seemed to have aimed for that very high-contrast B&W feel, so don’t mess it up with the flare. Would love to see a render without it!

the style of black silhouette is used a lot, but i feel many people use it just because its easy to do and not much details is need to be drawn, then you should play around that by adding a little more details in order to show that the dark theme is intentional and not just an easy way out